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CptSiskoX's Creatures Pages
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Fair Treatment of Norns, Ettins, and Grendels

Norns, Ettins and Grendels are truly alive and deserve some degree of respect and fair treatment.

By joining this cause, you must agree to these terms:

1. I never torture my Norns, Ettins, or Grendels.

2. I will treat my Norns, Ettins, and Grendels with fairness and decency.

3. I will not intentionally cause Norns, Ettins, and Grendels to suffer.

To join, you must comply with the above terms and include a link to this site on any
Creatures websites you have. You must add a signature to your posts on the Creatures
newsgroup that includes a link to this site at this address:

That is all there is to it. :) Now you're all set.

Thank you for joining this cause, or at least for reading about it.

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