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Revised: 9-23-98
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    Creatures 1 Forest Norn  
  Creatures 1 Forest Norn Enjoying the Sun  
  Petra is an Ettin with Norn and Grendel genes in her
Petra, a Creatures 2 Ettin

Petra is a Creatures 2 Ettin with Norn and Grendel in her as well. Author writes: "Female ettin/grendal/norn mix(25/25/50). She is very obediant, but never smiles. loves cheese (will mow a whole line of them!) I don't know if she is fertile though. I found that if I splice more norn in a muntant mix they will be fertile." Author: J Dino

TooMoo is a fertile Norn/Grendel/Ettin mix
TooMoo, a Creatures 2 Norn

TooMoo is a mix of Norn, Grendel, and Ettin genes. Author writes: "Female ettin/grendal/norn mix. Very cute! I spliced and grendal/ettin/norn to a fullblooded norn. Genus class is Norn. She is fertile." Author: J Dino

TooKristoGreeno is a mix but only appears Norn
TooKristoGreeno, a Creatures 2 Norn

TooKristoGreeno is a mix between a Creatures 1 Norn, a Creatures 2 Norn, a Grendel, and an Ettin. He is mostly Norn. Became good friends with GrenTippa. He seems quite vocal. Body appears as mostly Creatures 2 in appearance, but he has Creatures 1 Norn arms. Author: CptSiskoX

TipKermoGreenToe is a mix but looks only Norn and Ettin
TipKermoGreenToe, a Creatures 2 Norn

TipKermoGreenToe is a mix of Norn, Grendel, and Ettin. This is one of TipToe's and KermoGreeno's sons. Both part Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 Norn. His favorite toy seems to be the slinky and he likes to watch snails crawl. Author: CptSiskoX

Despite his angry looking picture, EdKermoGrenno is generally a peaceful creature
EdKermGrenno, a Creatures 2 Norn

EdKermGrenno is a Creatures 2 Norn, Grendel and Ettin Mix. He is a decendant of KermoGreeno and Kermit, he is their great grandson. See his Family Tab in the Owner's Kit for more information on his ancestry. He seems to be an intelligent and generally friendly creature despite his picture. He likes to be near the spider web and play under it. He seems interested in plant life more than most creatures I've observed. He enjoys watching butterflies and bees flying around. There was imbreeding in his family line between his great grandfather's, however, this has not hindered his success in life. Author: CptSiskoX

KrisTipNamBehha is a mix that is very curious about the world
KrisTipNamBehha, a Creatures 2 Norn

KrisTipNamBehha is a mix between a Creatures 1 and a Creatures 2 Norn, Grendel and Ettin as well. She looks completely Norn despite her diverse genetic background. She is the daughter of TipNam and KrisBeh. She is usually happy and doesn't mind exchanging kisses with Grendels. Author: CptSiskoX

TooKristoGreeno is a mix but appears completely Norn
TooKristoGreeno, a Creatures 2 Norn

TooKristoGreeno is a mix between a Creatures 1 Norn, a Creatures 2 Norn, an Ettin, and a Grendel. Mostly Norn in appearance. Usually very happy but subject to occasional mood swings. He is the son of Kristee and TooKerma, made using the Gene Splicer. He is very talkative. Author: CptSiskoX
TipNam is a Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 Norn mix
TipNam, a Creatures 2 Norn

TipNam is half Creatures 1 Norn, half Creatures 2 Norn. Son of TipToe and an un-named Creatures 2 Norn. He seems to be very active and likes to explore the world around him. Author: CptSiskoX

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