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  CptSiskoX's Creatures Downloads
Revised: 9-23-98
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    Creatures 1 Forest Norn  
  Creatures 1 Forest Norn Enjoying the Sun  
  TipToe Playing In Creatures 1
TipToe in Creatures 1
  TipToe is a genetically engineered Creatures 1 Norn that I created.  He has an unsual method of walking and some interesting genes.  Good breeder.  I am interested to hear about his offspring.  Author: CptSiskoX

TipToe Getting a Drink In Creatures 2
TipToe in Creatures 2

TipToe is the Norn above, but for Creatures 2. He no longer walks in the odd way and he has 10 lobes instead of 9. He is a great Norn. I am interested to hear of his offspring. Author: CptSiskoX

Aarin Watching The Clouds in C2
Aarin, a Creatures 2 Norn

Aarin is a Creatures 2 Norn that is part Ettin and Part Grendel. I made him by splicing a Purple Mountain Norn from Creatures 1 with a half-Ettin, half-Grendel individual from Creatures 2. Aarin is the result. His father was Aaron (PMN) from C1. Author: CptSiskoX

TipTa plays with her snail friend in Creatures 2
TipTa, a Creatures 2 Ettin

TipTa is named after one of her fathers - TipToe. Her other father was a Creatures 2 Ettin. She has Norn legs but is half-Norn, half-Ettin. Creatures 2 officially designates her as an Ettin. Author: CptSiskoX

GrenGreeno learns to talk using the computer
GrenGreeno, a Creatures 2 Grendel

GrenGreeno is officially a Grendel but is half Norn. The
interesting colorization is due to his Norn father's pigment
which was a bright green. Both parent's were male, he
was made using the Gene Splicer. His half-Norn genetics seem to have made him rather friendly and he doesn't hit Norns and Ettins. He especially likes to play with a Norn named Amy.

Amy likes to play with and talk to Grendels
Amy, a Creatures 2 Norn

Amy is a a hatchery Norn from Creatures 2. She and GrenGreeno like to play together. She is usually happy and playful. She is good for cheering up other upset Creatures.

Amanda is a strong Norn female and likes to be in charge
Amanda, a Creatures 2 Norn

Amanda is a hatchery Norn from Creatures 2. She is a fighter and often hits other Norns and even Grendels. She is usually nice to Ettins but she is pure Norn. She is a survivor and can usually live for hours unattended. Author: CptSiskoX

GrenTip, a Creatures 2 Grendel

GrenTip is half-Norn, half-Grendel. He is officially designated as a Grendel. His fathers are GrenGreeno and TipToe. GrenTip was created by using both his fathers in the Gene Splicer. He is a very intelligent Grendel. He gets along well with Amanda, suprisingly. His colorization isn't as vibrant as GrenGreeno's but he is a nice Grendel. Author: CptSiskoX

KrisTip likes to explore
KrisTip, a Creatures 2 Norn

KrisTip is a Creatures 2 Norn that was created by splicing two Creatures 1 Norns in Creatures 2. Her parent's are TipToe and Kristee. She is an interesting Norn and the Science Kit says she has an unknown organ. I am not sure what function it performs but she is usually healthy and thrives, probably thanks to some of TipToe's genetics in her own genetic coding. She is very friendly and should fit in nicely with your other Creatures.

AngeloGren is a very curious Creatures 2 Norn
AngeloGren, a Creatures 2 Norn

AngeloGren is half-Norn, half-Grendel. He is a very curious individual and likes to learn new things. His mother was a Norn named Angel and his father, an un-named Grendel. He has a Grendel tail and arms, but a Norn body, head, and legs. He is a very friendly Norn despite the Grendel genes he has in him.

GrenTippa loves to play
GrenTippa, a Creatures 2 Grendel

GrenTippa is half-Grendel, half-Norn. She was created using the Gene Splicer. Her parent's are TipToe and Beh. She is very playful and likes playing with other Grendels. She is very healthy and active. She has 36 instinct genes. Author: CptSiskoX

Beh is a Creatures 2 Grendel with a big heart
Beh, a Creatures 2 Grendel

Beh is a Creatures 2 Grendel. He is one the fathers of GrenTippa and he has 12 instinct genes. He likes playing with Doozers. He gets along very well with GrenTippa, his daughter. He also fathered KrisBeh, another of his daughters. Author: CptSiskoX

Kristee is a smart Norn
Kristee, a Norn for Creatures 2

Kristee is a Creatures 1 Norn that was imported into Creatures 2 and bred with TipToe. She and TipToe parented KrisTip, their daughter. Kristee is a very intelligent Norn and is usually happy. She has 38 instinct genes. She and Beh parented KrisBeh, their daughter. Author: CptSiskoX

KrisBeh is very active and intelligent
KrisBeh, a Creatures 2 Norn

KrisBeh is a Creatures 2 Norn made by splicing Kristee with Beh, she is half-Norn, half-Grendel. Officially designated a Norn. She has 22 instinct genes. She is very active and intelligent.

RockLauro acts mostly on instinct and is an explorer
RockLauro, a Creatures 2 Grendel

RockLauro is half-Grendel, half-Norn. Father was named RockSteady and was a Creatures 2 Grendel. Mother was a Creatures 2 Norn named Alaura. He has 35 instinct genes. He likes to explore. Author: CptSiskoX

TooKerma is very diverse, having Norn (both C1 and C2), Grendel, and Ettin genes
TooKerma, a Creatures 2 Norn

TooKerma is officially a Norn but has Ettin and Grendel in her genes as well. Her parents are TooMoo and Kermit. She is mostly Norn, and has genes from both a Creatures 1 Norn as well as Creatures 2 Norns. She has unusually red eyes, probably thanks to the Grendel in her. Her arms are rather whitish, suggesting her Ettin genes. Author: CptSiskoX

KermoGreeno is a mixed Norn with Ettin and Grendel genes in his blood also
KermoGreeno, a Creatures 2 Norn

KermoGreeno is the son of TooKerma and GrenGreeno. He is mostly Norn, but also has Ettin and Grendel genes from his ancestors. He has been a very active Norn. Author: CptSiskoX

TooGrena has interesting colorization
TooGreena, a Creatures 2 Norn

TooGreena is the daughter of TooMoo and KermoGreeno thanks to the Gene Splicer. She has Norn, Grendel, and Ettin in her. She mostly has her mother's body but her father's strong green color. She seems to get along well with all the other Creatures she's been exposed to. Author: CptSiskoX

KermGrenna is an imbred Norn with Grendel and Ettin in her
KermGrenna, a Creatures 2 Norn

KermGrenna is the daughter of KermGreeno and Kermit. This means she is imbred. I used the Gene Splicer to create her. She is designated as a Norn but also has Grendel and Ettin in her blood. She has been a good eater and and values being with other Creatures. She does not seem to like being alone. She is quite a healthy Norn despite her imbred genetics. KermGreeno, one of her fathers, is also her brother. She would make a nice addition to someone looking for an interesting Creature.

Behra is a female Creatures 2 Grendel, a clone of Beh - but female
Behra, a Creatures 2 Grendel

Behra is an exact clone of Beh except Behra is a female Grendel. She was created by putting Beh in the Gene Splicer alone. Her genetics match Beh's exactly but she is female instead of male. She gets along well with others. Author: CptSiskoX

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