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  A Female Creatures 1 Infant Norn

TipTa is an Ettin that is half-Norn
            A Female Grendel in Creatures 1
A Creatures 2 Grendel Male
  CptSiskoX's Creatures Updates
Revised: 9-28-98
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    An infant Ron Norn male in Creatures 1  
Optimized the site and got a mirror site on another server. The mirror site will not be updated frequently as often as this one will be.

Joined several Webrings and added a Webring page to this site.

Added six new Creatures to the download section. I have received some feedback on the site from several individuals and I am pleased that people think so highly of my Creatures pages. Thank you to everyone that's been writing.

Added Link Policy Page and Fair Treatment of Norns, Ettins, and Grendels page.

Added a second download page to the download section.

Added 18 new Creatures to the download section. Someone posted several spam messages to my guestbook, I have reported them to their ISP. My guestbook logs the IP address of everyone who posts. I welcome comments, even criticism, but spam and flames will not be tolerated. Thank you.

Fixed a few typing errors, uploaded some new creatures for use in the download section of this site. Guestbook added. I hope you all enjoy it. Added the Speed-Up tips page.

Added many more graphics. Removed an obsolete page, removed all previous downloads and added all new ones. Got the site in shape for Creatures 2 which I recently acquired.

Added some links, removed a defunct link.

I posted several new types of Norns and Grendels for downloading, along with a few COBs.

Updated links, removed some defunct ones and replaced them with valid ones.

My personal friend Ojatex has also offered some great suggestions. I added the logo and link of the Equal Rights for Norns group to the main page today. I am hoping to have some Norns posted to the download page so check it out.

Completely redid the entire website.  Added chatroom and pictures, removed old downloads, updated links.
This Creature is one-third Ettin, one-third Grendel, one-third Norn, from Creatures 2

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